Simply said “FANTASTIC” Joyce from Florida

My review: Simply said FANTASTIC! 

I have been riding with the Hooligan Wrap for 2+ years.  I’ve worn leather chaps, heavy jeans, riding suits and even Kevlar lined riding pants to avoid pipe burns. These are uncomfortable to wear in the extreme heat in South Florida and did not protect as well as the Hooligan Wrap.  Hooligan Wrap has been the perfect solution to my hot pipe dilemma.  I regularly ride 3 different motorcycles that have their pipes in different locations. My original Hooligan Wrap did a great job shielding my thigh from getting burned by the pipe that came out near the top of the motor but it needed to be wrapped and folded to get it to stay on my ankle to wear on my other bike.   As fantastic as Paula’s invention is, she didn’t’ stop there.  She listens to her customers and continues to perfect her product.  I told Paula what I had to do to get the Hooligan Wrap to stay on my ankle. Then along came the Skinny Winnie.  It fits snuggly on my ankle and it also has an easy to attach extension so it can be worn in multiple locations.  I have ridden thousands and thousands of miles and a firm believer in wearing safety gear for every ride.  The Hooligan Wrap stands out as one of the best pieces of safety equipment on the market. As an experienced rider I highly recommend the Hooligan Wrap.   


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