Review from Utah

I’m too busy with work to make this pretty or upload to my website, but the product deserves recognition so here’s a quick run down.

I’m so short that it is a constant fight to keep my right leg from landing on the pipes of any of my motorcycles, giving me tattoos on both the inside of my leg from burns and on my exhaust pipes from melted pant and boot materials. The point of contact is right near the tight bend of my pipe, where an additional heat shield cannot be placed. Last winter, I received a prototype of a heat protection product to review. Often, manufacturers will send me their goods hoping I’ll like them enough to write an article or share with my riders. Sometimes I hate the items and sometimes I like them, but it is very rare that I actually love an item. This is one of those products and I can’t see myself riding without it in the future.

In short, it’s basically a heat shield for your leg. While it sounds bulky, heavy and unwieldy, it is surprisingly light. To the point that I thought it would be entirely ineffective. The placement of velcro allows the fit to be adjusted for a very wide range of sizes, allowing for winter bulk for riders of all physical dimensions. The velcro closure doesn’t catch on your pant legs to snag the material. It was a bit cold for my test ride, so I added a pair of leg warmers (the 80’s are back in style, right?) for additional warmth. The Hooligan Wrap itself is quite unnoticeable, it’s the small black wrap in the midst of the leg warmer in my photo. I readjusted the wrap and was surprised at how easy it was as the velcro remains trustworthy at speeds, but not overly strong to make quick adjustments difficult. This really is a one-size-fits-all product that allows for placement on the thigh, calf or ankle.

The best outcome possible was that when I got off the bike at my destination, I had totally forgotten the wrap was on my leg. No burns, no new marks on my leg warmers, no additional melted material on my pipes. It was so light that it was unnoticeable as I walked around. The ride back home had me purposely moving my leg to physically be touching the pipe, literally pressed up against it. Still, no heat penetrated through to my leg. When I got home, I put it in my go-to gear pile, a pile that rarely ever sees new products added to it.

I’m a tough customer. I demand a LOT out of my gear, prioritizing function over fashion. I ride in freezing conditions to temps over 110-degrees, from tight high-revving canyon twists to long, straight, endless highway miles. Living in a small touristy desert community means extremely hot days riding slowly across town, creating a sauna-effect from my modified engines. Being 5’2 means my short legs are almost always up against the pipes, causing additional challenges for this heat wrap that others will not experience. I can say with confidence that if this was able to work for me that it will most certainly work for you.

As this was a prototype, it was my job to provide useful feedback for product changes to improve the overall design. I had none. Absolutely zero. I loved it as it was, and hoped they weren’t going to ask for it back as I don’t want to ever give it up. I can see passengers wanting this additional protection as well.

You can email to make contact with them if you’re interested.

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