I have owned a variety of bikes over the past 30 years, one of my current favorites is my Harley Springer. With its aftermarket fishtail exhaust, even my tall boots and jeans don’t provide enough protection from the extreme heat that radiates from the pipes.

I started investigating how to wrap my pipes, when I came across Paula’s incredible Hooligan Wrap™️. Having the ability to position the heat shield anywhere on my leg has been an absolute game changer and is now a must have for both short and long distance rides. It wraps on quickly, is fully adjustable, stows easily and is great back up gear for my chaps. 

Paula’s invention is a wonderful addition in the motorcycle safety gear category for riders and passengers alike. I very much like that the Hooligan Wrap™️ is crafted locally, here in the USA, by another very skilled woman entrepreneur.

I try to use products that are thoughtful to our planet and my wallet. Paula’s design uses replaceable pieces. You simply repurchase a new stretchy elastic leg band when it wears out. Not having to re-purchase an entirely new Hooligan Wrap™ each time is a money saver and saves on waste.

Thank you, Paula!

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