Hello Paula,

As the Hooligan Wrap™ website says it is “A high quality solution to prevent burns”  I have 3 motorcycles that I ride on a regular bases.  The pipes on each of my bikes are in different positions therefore depending on which bike I am riding, I get burns in different locations on my legs.  I usually wear leather chaps to stop the burn but pipe heat marks the leather and leaves an ugly residue on the pipes.  For summer riding chaps are unbearably hot.  The Hooligan wrap solves this heat issue.  It can go on either leg in any position.  As you can see in the picture the Hooligan wrap protects my leg from the pipe and no ugly marks on the pipe either.  Hooligan Wrap company and the owner were very helpful and responsive in providing information on the wrap.  Very easy to do business with.  Thank you for such a great product, keep up the good work.


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