Hooligan Wrap


Hooligan Wrap is a high quality product to prevent pipe burns and provide comfort while riding.

Need more than 1?  Get 2 Hooligan Wraps™ 

Replacement Wraps also available.


Hooligan Wrap is a high quality product to prevent leg pipe burns and provide comfort while riding.

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Great News! Hooligan WrapTM has developed a skinnier version. There are now two (2) sizes available for purchase! (S-M) and (L-XL). For purchasers of the “original” Hooligan WrapTM your size would automatically now be the (L-XL).

When determining YOUR proper fit start by taking the measurement of the heat affected segment first. That would be your thigh, calf or ankle. Please make sure these measurement’s your taking OVER proper riding attire! (Sorry, I can’t advocate riders who ride without proper riding attire, for example, riding in shorts or fashion legging’s.)

Make sure you are looking at the size chart for the specific Hooligan WrapTM you want to order. There needs to be compression so the HWTM doesn’t slide down. Take this into account when choosing a size – think smaller, not bigger. Tiny hint: My thigh measures 25.5 inches in diameter, so therefore, with the extension in place the (L-XL) is my size HWTM.

Each of the (2) HWTM sizes automatically comes with its own removable “10 inch extension piece (8.5 inches more length).” This added section gives the needed range (+or-) to ensure you are getting the best fit possible.

Note: If either your ankle, calf or thigh measures less than 10 inches in circumference, while properly attired in your chosen riding gear, my HWTM will not work for you. ☹

Here is the link to my YouTube Video on how to put on your Hooligan WrapTM:   Click Here



Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions12.5 × 4 × 9.5 in

SIZE L-XL, The Skinny-Winnie (S-M)

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