HI Paula,

Last weekend we rode for 4 hours in 98 to 106 degree weather! This is how I’m using your Hooligan Wraps and they were fantastic!!! 😍 Usually in that kind of heat my right leg is extremely uncomfortable and often ends up with some burns and the occasionally blisters. These wraps are unbelievable!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I could stay on my bike all day in that kind of heat. Also I’m not jumping off my bike immediately at the end of the ride. I have no words…. I wish I had discovered these many miles ago. My 7K round trip cross country trip would have been so much more enjoyable with these. Next time!😀. The Hooligan Wraps are part of my regular gear now, tucked right into my helmet with my gloves.

Thank you so much for your fabulous product,
Happy riding and stay safe out there,


Way to go Kim with 2 HW™’s at a time!

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