About Hooligan Wrap™

A high quality product.

My “wearable heat shield”  helps tackle burns and provides comfort from your hot exhaust pipe. 
Can be positioned on your: Thigh, Calf or Ankle- where YOU need it.

Available in two sizes.


I was tired of uncomfortable and dangerous riding with a hot pipe right under my thigh.

After endless internet searches looking for a solution to no avail, I decided to design my own product!  

“A Wearable Heat Shield leg Wrap!”                

Paula A. Dana, Hooligan Wrap ™ Invento

Paula A. Dana

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Now Shipping to: Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Japan.


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Safety-Conscious Bikers Love Hooligan Wrap™!


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Happy Hooligan Wrap customer, Harley-Davidson


Last weekend we rode for 4 hours in 98 to 106 degree weather! (Click on image to read more)


Fran would like to really get the word out about the Hooligan Wrap… (Click on image to read more)