About Hooligan Wrap™

A high quality product to tackle burns and provide comfort while riding.

Now available in an additional SMALLER size.

The Problem

I was tired of uncomfortable and dangerous riding with a hot pipe right under my thigh.

After endless internet searches looking for a solution to no avail, I decided to design my own product!  

“A Wearable Heat Shield leg Wrap!”                

Paula A. Dana, Hooligan Wrap ™ Invento

Paula A. Dana

Save Some Money and Help Recycle ♻️

“2022” New product changes for the HW™…….

NEW ECO Friendly feature! No need to keep re-purchasing a new Hooligan Wrap™ each time. Just remove the “heat shield” AND the “metal oval” then simply place it on to a “new wrap around!”

(For the older versions simply cut out the “metal oval.” )

The Solution

  • Hooligan Wrap™ is a NEW product in the motorcycle  “safety gear” category!
  • Product designed to provide continuing burn protection, beyond a quick touch up to 500ºf.
  • Amazing anti-slip grip. Can be used on the thigh, calf or ankle. 
  • Water Resistant!

  • *NEW Swappable Pieces: Saves you money & helps to recycle!

  • Manufactured in the USA 🇺🇸  AND my sewing professional is also a local women entrepreneur! facebook.com/RSUMetroDetroit
  • Product Packaging Bag is Compostable ♻️
Safety-Conscious Bikers Love Hooligan Wrap™!



Last weekend we rode for 4 hours in 98 to 106 degree weather! (Click on image to read more)


As the Hooligan Wrap website says it is “A high quality solution to prevent burns” I have 3 motorcycles that I ride on a regular basis…. (click on image to read more)


Fran would like to really get the word out about the Hooligan Wrap… (Click on image to read more)

Review from Utah

This product deserves recognition, so here’s a quick rundown. It’s a constant fight to keep my right leg from landing on the pipes of my motorcycles, giving me tattoos on the inside of my leg from burns, and on my exhaust pipes from melted pant and boot materials… (click on image to read more)